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Billion Dollar Challenge

believeit.jpgThe Princess Margaret has launched a BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE, a 5-year initiative to secure $1 Billion to revolutionize cancer care by creating a new gold standard: Personalized Cancer Medicine.

Every patient is unique. Every patient's cancer is different. So it follows that individualized treatment will get the best results.

Changing the paradigm of cancer medicine requires a major investment. The BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE is the largest single fundraising campaign in the history of Canadian healthcare!

Our scientists and physicians have an excellent track record of leveraging the financial support they receive. So to meet this challenge, we're reaching out to our donor community with a goal of $500 million, which our researchers hope to match with $500 million in grants

The Billion Dollar Challenge will enable The Princess Margaret to:
  • Attract, retain and train world-class researchers, physicians and other staff in new and promising areas including:
    • Epigenetics
    • Genetic Sequencing
    • Immune Therapy
    • Molecular Imaging
    • Nanotechnology
  • Expand and retrofit workspaces for maximum efficiency.
  • Secure the equipment and technology that will allow us to continue improving the lives of all cancer patients.
The donations you give to The Princess Margaret over the next 5 years will make Personalized Cancer Medicine a reality. Believe it.

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