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The Corporate Challenge

The SCOTIABANK® ROAD HOCKEY TO CONQUER CANCER Corporate Challenge is an initiative focused on identifying leaders in Canadian business and all other organizations to mobilize like-minded individuals who want to help CONQUER CANCER IN OUR LIFETIME. Whether it is putting the challenge out to internal divisions within one’s organization or taking a lead role in establishing an industry or sector-wide challenge, the Corporate Challenge will be a key pillar in the fundraising success of the RHCC event.

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A partial list of corporate challenge supporters is listed below

Corporate Challenge Cup Standings 2015
Hatch $218,364.95
Longo's $119,775.65
EllisDon  $68,600.00
Boston Pizza $35,673.00
Freedom 55 $29,681.05
Corporate Challenge Cup Standings 2014
Hatch $208,362.69
ONroute $92,946.00
Longo's $70,302.00
Boston Pizza $56,838.52
Pfaff Automotive $49,860.00
Corporate Challenge Cup Standings 2013
Hatch $194,727.80
ONroute $136,202.41
Boston Pizza $91,385.35
National Bank  $70,837.00
Longo's $50,085.00
Corporate Challenge Cup Standings 2012
Hatch $214,689.29
Boston Pizza $93,111.39
Kilmer Van
Nostrand Co. Ltd.
Macquarie Group $50,787.00
Gluskin Sheff $50,199.00
Corporate Challenge Cup Standings 2011
Boston Pizza $133,781.11
RBC $63,073.01
Longo's $56,466.65
Gluskin Sheff $52,210.37
Deloitte $36,550.00