Countdown to event Toronto 10.01.16


The three Hanson Brothers, of the the Slap Shot movie franchise, are new members of the Scotiabank® Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer team!
The fictional Hanson brothers starred in the classic 1977 cult hockey film Slap Shot, which also featured Paul Newman. The brothers wore thick, horn-rimmed glasses on the ice, where no opponent was safe from their foil-covered fists and rambunctious play. Off the ice, the three Charlestown Chiefs were mild-mannered, and likely to be seen playing toy cars in their hotel room. Jack Hanson wore number 16, and was played by Dave Hanson. Steve Hanson, sporting number 17, was portrayed by Steve Carlson. Number 18 was Jeff Hanson, who was played by Jeff Carlson. In real life, Hanson and the two Carlson all played pro hockey: Steve Carlson played 225 games in the NHL and WHA, Dave Hanson played 136 NHL and WHA games and Jeff Carlson played 7 games in the WHA.